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what we do

We are an Education Agency

Based in Perth, Western Australia, we operate nationwide through the collaboration of diverse partners around Australia.

Study Solution

The Qualified Education Agents of PB will provide FREE consultations to support you through your study path in Australia.

Whether you need assistance to choose the most suitable course, to enrol in school/Institute/University, to undertake a Health Insurance Cover, and/or apply for a Student Visa, our agents will work through all the details with you to find the best customized solution and ensure the highest chances of acceptance.

Visa Solution

We offer face to face / phone / email / Skype consultations with our Partner Migration Agents and Lawyers to help you plan your temporary or permanent relocation to Australia and/or to establish your visa options.

Whether you just need some advices such as understanding your rights and obligations, or you want to be supported during the full process of your visa application, our agents will step in and partner with you to achieve a successful immigration outcome.

who we are

Meet Our Team


Andrea is the founder of Point Break Australia. He is a qualified Education Agent and, together with Camilla he will be your point of contact to develop your study journey in Australia.

He has been collaborating with many Migration Agents and Lawyers over the last 5 years and, together with Eleonora, he will help you identify the best pathway to achieve your migration goals through a study plan.

Andrea is also the founder of ItalWA and a point of reference for the Italian community in Western Australia. His passion for the Italian culture, for helping others and for bringing people together, has led him to build a wide network of reliable professionals, a tight collaboration with local associations and institutions and a good relationship with local businesses.

He is full of resources. If you have a question or a problem, he will genuinely do his best to find a solution!


Camilla is our Education Agent and Marketing Specialist! If you want to undertake a course of study down under she will be your point of reference at Point Break.

Camilla will be able to advise you by analysing your situation and she will provide you with all the support you need to undertake a course of study in the best Australian schools and Universities.


Eleonora is our Registered Migration Agent, and Green Wings Migration Founder and Managing Director.

She is the mind and soul behind GWM, and she will literally equip you with a pair of wings through her knowledge and expertise.

Whether you are not very familiar with the Australian Immigration System, or you are already in Australia and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, she will guide you throughout your migration journey, from the first consultation to PR!

If needed, together with Andrea and Camilla, she will help you identify the best pathway to achieve your migration goals through a study plan.


Giulia is our Case Coordinator! She is the one dealing with you when it comes to collect the documents required for your visa. She is in charge of GWM Social Media platforms and Marketing activities.

Giulia has a Master’s Degree in International Management and will undertake her Migration Law and Practice course soon. She’s looking forward to developing her migration skills to better help our community!


Carlotta is our youngest team member!

She takes care of our social medias, photography, events organization, and she is the backbone of ItalWA project.

Carlotta has a great passion for travels, and she has an excellent knowledge of local tourist attractions. Don’t forget to ask her a tip if you are planning a road trip!

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